Building a city together

During Term 3, Lego Club has focussed on collaborative building: working together to create a gigantic town! This is the work of many students throughout the term, who shared ideas, Lego pieces and building advice.  Well-done to all those who helped to make it come to life, we look forward to seeing you at Lego Club next term: Tuesdays at lunchtime in the OSHC room.


Selecting Books for the Library

Rebecca, from Peggi Williams Bookshop, came to talk to students from year three to seven about new books and how to make good selections. Students then voted for the ones they wanted in the library. It is great to see such enthusiastic readers!

Book Week Celebrations

What a great start to Book Week. Check out all the awesome costumes!

Walk a Mile or Two!

Photos of our early morning stroll to raise money and awareness for the Hutt Street Centre and homeless people in South Australia…

Science Fun in IBL

Ms Swinburne’s class are learning about ‘energy’ and have used balloons and their hair to light up a globe. It looks more like a party to me!

Food Frenzy

Congratulations 19E an 8M for raising an enormous 625 kilograms of food for FOODBANK. What amazing community support /spirit we have here at Goodwood and how wonderful to know that some of that food may end up at Hutt Street,,,our next community action!

Sewing With Merrilyn

Merrilyn comes to help a small group of very keen [and sometimes hungry] sewers at lunch time on Thursdays. We appreciate her volunteering to teach this life skill. Thanks Merrilyn!

Swimming Week

Goodwood Primary School had swimming in week 6 and 7 of Term 1 at the Unley Swimming Pool.

I really love swimming because we do laps around the pool and we play lots of games at the end of the lessons. We learn how to swim all the different styles for example; breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle. At the end of the week we do a whirlpool. A whirlpool is when you run around in a big circle in the pool. The instructors tell you to run, run, run. Then you lie on your back and float around the whirlpool really fast. It is so much fun.

The instructors there are really nice and helpful. Our instructor in our group was the best. He was fun, he made lots of jokes and he was patient. Everyone in my team liked him. Our instructor taught us not to give up and even when it gets hard to keep trying.

Another thing we did was to try and put on a life jacket while we were in the water. We also learned how to save other people in the water using a pool noodle, a milk bottle with rope attached to it and a kickboard.

I’m looking forward to swimming next year. I cannot wait.

by Taylan Grieg